Zero fault production

As printing speeds increase, the challenge of keeping printing quality sheet by sheet at a constantly high level increases as well. The InlineInspector detects even the smallest hickeys, splashes, scratches, creases, streaks, scumming, or smearing just as reliably as it detects color deviations or substrate defects. Rejected sheets are marked and with the InlineSorter automatically removed.


A masking function already defined in prepress enables the inspection of specifically selected areas with different levels of sensitivity. Especially with packaging or folding cartons, certain non-relevant areas of the sheet can be excluded from defect detection.

PDF comparison

This system compares the printed image with the customer’s specification contained in a PDF file. The function is very simple: after the PDF with the customer’s specification is loaded into the operating console, the reference sheet (OK sheet) is compared to the PDF. Variations between the PDF and reference sheet are displayed for the printer to decide whether to make changes or not. In the following production run, all sheets are compared with the reference sheet. PDF comparison thus provides an objective and easy to understand quality control from production start-up onwards.

Benefits of the InlineInspector

  •     Documented quality
  •     Drastic reduction in complaints
  •     Reduced waste and allowance
  •     Makes life easier for the press operators
  •     A “must have” for quality print companies
  •     A must for streamlining the manufacturing processes
  •     An outstanding marketing instrument for the printing company
  •     Higher resolution with a multi camera system


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